Bacon, Eggs, and DeFi #067

Recap of Wednesday June 30, and Thursday July 1, 2021

Welcome to Bacon, Eggs, and DeFi #067. Here's a recap of the past two days of DeFi news!


  • Clipper, a DEX for retail traders, launched its Alpha version. Traders can swap between ETH, WBTC, USDT, USDC, and DAI.

  • Curve is now live on xDai.

  • Saddle launched the D4 pool, composed of four decentralized stablecoins, including alUSD, FEI, FRAX, and LUSD.

  • Balancer launched on Polygon.

  • CRV rewards are now live for Curve’s atricrypto pool on Polygon and all of its pools on Fantom.

  • 1inch partnered with ICHI to create one1INCH, a stablecoin backed by 1INCH and USDC.

  • Kyber DMM reached $100 million TVL on Polygon.

  • Uniswap Labs deployed the Uniswap v3 liquidity mining contracts to Ethereum mainnet and all testnets.

  • Gauntlet shared fee changes to Balancer v2 pools.


  • Element, a protocol for fixed-rate yield, launched on Ethereum mainnet.

  • Rari Capital’s Fuse Pool #6 added support for LDO.

  • Ruler Protocol launched liquidity mining on Binance Smart Chain.

Asset Management:

  • BadgerDAO’s five new CRV LP vaults are now in phase two of their guarded launch. Anyone can deposit, however, each vault has a 200 BTC maximum supply cap.

  • Visor added two actively managed Uniswap v3 pairs, including a GTC/ETH 1% and a FORTH/ETH 1%.


  • Perpetual Protocol unveiled Curie, with new features, including permissionless market creation, support for Arbitrum, and concentrated liquidity using Uniswap v3.

  • Pods added a MATIC put (0.7 USDC strike price), and an ETH put (1,400 USDC strike price) to its demo release on Polygon. Both puts expire on July 8.

  • Lyra Finance deployed on the Optimism Kovan testnet.

  • AntiMatter will be unlocking tokens for all strategic investors.


  • Yearn launched a bug bounty program on ImmuneFi with a maximum payout of $200,000 for finding a critical vulnerability.


  • Users have staked more than 0.5% of ETH’s total supply through Lido.

  • Syndicate DAO raised $800,000 from 100 early community members.

  • Aztec Network users can now transact with BTC (via zkrenBTC) through a partnership with Ren.

  • DeversiFi released a guide for its governance token DLM.

Reading List:

Stay tuned for the next edition of Bacon, Eggs, and DeFi!

- Austin (@1A1zP1)