Bacon, Eggs, and DeFi #070

Recap of Monday July 12, 2021

Welcome to Bacon, Eggs, and DeFi #070. Here's a recap of yesterday’s DeFi news!


  • Slingshot reached $1 billion in total volume.

  • Saddle’s D4 pool with alUSD, FEI, FRAX, and LUSD is now live.

  • Bancor whitelisted ZRX and SXP.


  • Greenwood Labs released its interest rate swap protocol on the Kovan testnet.

  • Cream Finance added BNT to its borrowing/lending markets.

Asset Management:

  • Harvest launched v2 with new features, including a dynamic search box, an improved deposit process, and visual space for networks.


  • Opyn v2 added three new ETH options ($1,800 put, $2,400 call, $2,800 call) with August 27 expiration dates.

  • dYdX passed $3 billion in total volume on its Layer 2 Perpetuals.

  • Opeth users can now mint Opeth with Opyn oTokens.


  • Nexus Mutual started two new shield mining campaigns for Idle Finance (Idle USDT v4 and Idle DAI v4).


  • Hop Protocol launched its Bridge with instant USDC transfers between Ethereum, Polygon, and xDai.

  • Bankless launched a crypto jobs board.

  • DeFiLab’s Uniswap v3 Simulator now allows users to search, select, and simulate all pools.

  • More than 3,000,000 Ethereum addresses have interacted with DeFi protocols.

Reading List:

Stay tuned for the next edition of Bacon, Eggs, and DeFi!

- Austin (@1A1zP1)

PS: Happy Birthday to my brother Spencer!