Bacon, Eggs, and DeFi #075

Recap of Tuesday July 20, 2021

Welcome to Bacon, Eggs, and DeFi #075. Here's a recap of yesterday’s DeFi news!


  • Sushiswap announced Trident, its next-generation AMM, with new features, including new pool types (constant product, hybrid, concentrated liquidity, and weighted) and Tines, a new multi-pool/multi-route swap router.

  • DODO integrated Coin98 wallet.


  • Notional announced its governance token NOTE.

  • Rune Christensen announced that the Maker Foundation will be dissolving over the next few months to further decentralize MakerDAO.

  • Rari Capital launched an Index Coop Fuse Pool with DPI, ETH2x-FLI, ETH, USDC, DAI, and FEI.

  • Alpha Homora will be starting a new liquidity mining rewards program on July 21 for both v1 and v2 on Ethereum and v1 on BSC.

Asset Management:

  • Harvest launched on Polygon with three vaults, including an ETH/USDT Quickswap LP, an ETH/USDC Sushiswap LP, and an iFARM/QUICK Quickswap LP.

  • Index Coop launched all of its products on zkSync.

  • Babylon will be switching to meta transactions for deposits and withdrawals.


  • dYdX added a COMP/USD Perpetual contract with up to 10x leverage.

  • Opyn reached $75 million TVL.

  • Vega raised $43 million through a token sale on CoinList.


  • CoinFund raised $83 million for its third fund.

  • Circle published a report on the assets backing USDC.

  • Token Terminal added support for Optimism.

  • Coin98 raised $11.25 million from Hashed, The Spartan Group, and ParaFi Capital.

  • DeFi Pulse added Tranche Finance to its dashboard.

Upcoming Projects:

Reading List:

Stay tuned for the next edition of Bacon, Eggs, and DeFi!

- Austin (@1A1zP1)