Bacon, Eggs, and DeFi #076

Recap of Wednesday July 21, 2021

Welcome to Bacon, Eggs, and DeFi #076. Here's a recap of yesterday’s DeFi news!


  • Sushiswap’s Onsen program is now live on xDai for the following pairs: USDC/WXDAI, WETH/WBTC, STAKE/WXDAI, WETH/WXDAI, LINK/WXDAI, USDT/WXDAI, and USDT/USDC.

  • QuickSwap added UNI/ETH and SOL/MATIC to its weekly reward pools.


  • Goldfinch’s Senior Pool is now open to liquidity providers outside the US.

  • Element added support for DAI.

  • Rari Capital reached $100 million TVL.

Asset Management:

  • Vesper Lend is now live as a Rari Capital Fuse pool with seven assets, including VSP, vVSP, VUSD, ETH, WBTC, USDC, and DAI.

  • Babylon launched its governance token BABL.

  • Index Coop eclipsed its record for largest daily mints.


  • Kwenta reached $1 billion in monthly volume for the first time.

  • Siren launched three KNC call options ($1.40, $1.60, and $1.80* with August 27 expirations.


  • Cover will be starting a liquidity mining rewards programs for the following pairs: C_CURVE/DAI, C_YEARN/DAI, C_BANCOR/DAI, C_AAVE/DAI, C_COMPOUND/DAI, C_BALANCER/DAI, and C_UNISWAP/DAI.


  • Huobi Wallet added support for Polygon.

  • Wrapped ETH (cETH) is now available to trade on Celo through Ubeswap.

  • KyberDMM is now supported on Zapper.

  • Lido will add eight new providers as bLUNA node operators, including 01node, Blockscape, Everstake, Figment, Smart Stake, SkillZ, Stakin, and Syncnode.

Reading List:

Stay tuned for the next edition of Bacon, Eggs, and DeFi!

- Austin (@1A1zP1)